Thursday, January 5, 2012

Some finished carbon fiber (Left foot-holder)

The left foot-holder is nearly finished.  I will probably have to put a spray finish coat -- or at least a faster drying one -- on the surface since the West System 105 resin -- with slow 206 slow hardner -- remains sticky for about 10 hours.  It thus picks up a fair amount of dust.  

Since the West Systems 105 epoxy is very clear -- even when hard -- one can see the carbon fiber material through it quite well... mistakes and all.  Overall, I cannot complain too much since the shape is pretty "curvy" and the 3 to 4 layers of twill carbon fiber fabric must be cut in many pieces to fit. 

Over the next few days I will start posting the results of the fork and base plug with carbon fiber wrap.  The plugs are coming along. But it is a very slow process since each section of carbon fiber takes about 1.5 hours to put into place. And there are endless numbers of carbon fiber pieces -- maybe 70 to 100 as a guess.

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