Friday, January 20, 2012

So how many layers of carbon fiber?

The calculation of the number of layers of carbon fiber is a guess on my part.  I have attempted to take into account some notes written by other DIY bike builders.  No matter, these calculations are "seat-of-my-pants" .
..And where does that term originate:

"Douglas Corrigan was described as an aviator 'who flies by the seat of his pants' today by a mechanic who helped him rejuvinate the plane which airport men have now nicknamed the 'Spirit of $69.90'. The old flying expression of 'flies by the seat of his trousers' was explained by Larry Conner, means going aloft without instruments, radio or other such luxuries."

Either way, we both crash if we are (were) egregiously wrong...  BTW, Corrigan did not crash, but instead landed in Ireland after crossing the Atlantic Ocean.  His original flight plan (rejected) called for him to travel west whereas he traveled east, and therefore, he became know as "Wrong Way Corrigan".  If I am wrong, I may become known as "Crash Chase"... oooops I think I already am...

Here are my intentions:

The "U" shaped head-tube area is about finished.  I need to add a couple of more layers in area of greatest depth of carbon fiber.  As well, the most of the front fork is finished sans a few layers around the head-tube. Presently I am working on the rear bike's dropout area and tail.  This is going better than expected since I am slowly gaining experience.  I have another layer to go on the bottom as well.  As previously mentioned though, adding layers of carbon fiber in flat areas and areas of larger curvature is easy as pie (blueberry in my case).

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