Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Etch Aluminum for Bottom Bracket (my "top" bracket)

Since there can be an electrolytic reaction between the aluminum bottom bracket for the crank and the carbon fiber that surrounds it, I am applying a layer of fiberglass between the two.  The fiberglass will insulate the aluminum from the carbon fiber.  Since aluminum should be etched first before applying epoxy to it, I am using the West System's 860 Etching Kit to etch the aluminum in order that it better receive the layer of fiberglass.

The etching is a pretty quick process... about 10 minutes.  The "wait" is the time it takes for the West System's 105 resin with 205 quick hardner to solidify before I can insert the bottom bracket in the fork.

West System's 860 Etching Kit
Getting ready for wrapping bottom bracket in fiberglass

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