Monday, January 23, 2012

Punching holes through the carbon fiber... Disc brakes... Built-in tool bag


Well, not exactly "punching holes"...

During my 100 mile and 200 K rides, I often go through about 200 oz of water.  Therefore, in the design of the handcycle, I provided a couple of places to store the water in hydration bags.  (As a side note, I am fairly certain I will be building the bags unless I can find one with a small opening.)  One area is between the seat/bottom/rear wheel area.  The other is under the "U" shaped headtube support area.

(Thanks Dr. Lee for suggesting that I move the water more to the front in order to get better wheel traction.)

The two inline-skate wheel housing are now open from the bottom in order to accommodate the wheels...

Disc Brakes

The disc brakes that hang from the front and rear dropouts leave little room for error when fitting the actual disc that hangs from the hub (things that keep me from falling asleep quickly).  They fit!  That is, the holes through the dropouts (that are part of the frame),  exactly line up correctly to receive the disc brake housing, which exactly line up to receive the disc attached to the wheel hub... Thankfully!

Built-in Tool Bag

Sometimes, I just get tired of adding layer after layer of carbon fiber... So I building a tool bag now that is to fit in the "U" shaped headtube support. I always had the intention of doing this.  But I expected that I would have begun this part of the project later.

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