Sunday, January 27, 2013

Finished bike

An overview of the steps...

The original design

The foam plug

The final DIYcarbon fiber handcyle with hardware 

Over the last 3 weeks I have added the chain guard and leg holders to the handcycle.  You will also see a round hole in the carbon fiber just behind the back support and below the neck support.  The hole gives access to the interior of the handcycle in order to store two 100 oz. hydration pack, spare tire, and tools.  also, I will be adding built-in rear red lights -- one on each side of the bike.
Leg holders and chain guard

Some other views:

Side View

Tool storage, Embedded cables

The next steps is to test the bike on the road... stay tuned...


  1. Good work, I looking forward to hear the results of your road test.

  2. Thanks so much Speedy. Your recumbents are an inspiration with beautiful curves and simplicity of design. I am sure I have not seen better looking bikes anywhere.

    My first attempt at riding the bike was not as positive as I had hoped. The handles kept rotating down -- making them difficult to grab -- when I pushed off the ground with my hands. Also, I had to "teach" my mind to react quickly to my imbalance when sitting still. If I was holding the handle with my hand and I started to tip, I had to let go to put my hand down. Sometimes I would just grab more tightly! It was weird because it is a new movement.

    In order to take care of the handles rotating down when I was sitting still with my hands on the ground, I put in a new tube -- a longer one -- that holds the cables well above the crank and peddles. I think this might work. Now I have to wait for the epoxy to cure (and weather to improve).

    Thanks again, bruce