Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Retractable Wheels (Training wheels?)

Design of Retractable Wheels

For me to use the handcycle, I found quite quickly that I would need some training wheels and most likely some sort of steadying device when at a stop.  Hands to the ground did not quite do it.  Of course, when I am getting on and off the handcycle, I find that the need for stability is ever present.

So I designed two retractable wheels (inline-skate wheels), connected by an carbon-fiber axle. The wheels "hide" themselves (aerodynamically speaking) when not needed, by rotating up and back into the recess behind the seat.  Since there retractable mechanism is built from carbon fiber, the device maintains a low weight.

Nearly completed -- Still need to add lipstick to the handles/wheel supports
The concept is simple enough.  I use a lever arm to rotate the wheels into place.  Both wheels fit on an axle. The axle runs through a bearing set built into each side of the seat.  A spring-loaded plunger pull-pin locks the arm/wheels into either retracted or lowered position.  The reason for the axle -- and the connection between both wheels -- is that when coming to a stop or when moving, I will have the use of only one hand at a time to raise or lower the wheels. The spring plunger allows for the device to find and lock its position easily.  The pictures provide a better explanation.

The parts to the retractable wheels

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