Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Somewhat Finished Fork

The fork is much closer to completion.  I have added a coat of epoxy over the last layer of carbon fiber.  This epoxy is still wet in the picture below.  BTW, I find that the epoxy brushes on much more easily with a small amount of acetone added to it.  This thins the epoxy for brushing -- but acetone evaporates very quickly.  So if one attempts to brush the epoxy too much, one will find it to thicken within just a few brush strokes.  From what I read on West Systems epoxy, this seems acceptable for a finish.

Front Fork -- with a finish coat of epoxy.

As you might remember, I had said that I would probably finish the bike with paint and not take the time to get a nice finish on the carbon fiber.  But, carbon fiber has an attraction -- and maybe this is the lipstick on a pig.  

I will shoot some more pictures that display the idler on the drive side as well as the fork thickness at a later point  -- the epoxy is curing!

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