Sunday, December 30, 2012

Finished Front Fork Views

The front fork is finished -- well almost.  I still have to cutout the dropouts on the added layers and re-drill the holes for the disc brakes. Otherwise...

The front fork has the two finish coats of West Systems epoxy over the many layers of carbon fiber. To this, I added four final coats of a polyurethane (with UV protection).  There was a lot of sanding in between all but the final coats of polyurethane.  While the end result is not perfect, I am relatively pleased with the look.  Daylight may change my mind! 

(There are black covers over the headsets in order that they did not received the urethane.)

I personally do not mind seeing the interweaving of various layers and direction of carbon fiber.  This is the way that the carbon fiber is laid up -- intermixing the direction of carbon fiber's grain through various layers.

Left Side of Fork

Right Side of Fork -- Displaying Chainline and Idler

The following picture -- from the rear of the fork -- is somewhat distorted due to the closeup of the camera. Notwithstanding, the picture does give an indication of the thickness of the fork down to the dropouts.

Rear of Fork 
Closeup of Idler in Fork

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